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Drone Over the Mountains

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Photo Package:

Davis and Sons Droneography offers aerial photography and videography services to support the Real Estate market. Our competitive pricing ensures that your receive a top quality product at a reasonable value.  We have three flight packages to choose from ranging from just aerial photos, to a full highlight video with key features or selling points of the property. If one of those options don’t work for you, we would be happy to come up with a custom plan that fits your needs.

Drone Statistics for Real Estate

According to MLS statistics, homes with aerial images sold 68% faster than homes with standard images.  83% of sellers prefer an agent who uses Drone photography to showcase the entire property, and all its exterior selling features.  We also offer customizable plans to suit your needs.

Real Estate Drone Photography
Image by Jason Blackeye
Image by Jason Blackeye

What is included in Real Estate Drone Photo/Video: 

-Includes interior drone video, flight beginning outside and flying into the property. 

-Aerial exterior drone video footage, as well as 20 edited aerial still images.

-You will receive a 60-80 second video edited with royalty free background music for an enhanced effect, formatted in landscape.


-Pricing is based on properties 2,000 square feet or less.  Prices increase nominally for each additional 1,000 square feet.

Custom Events:

The pricing for drone services for custom events can vary depending on several factors, including the location, duration, and complexity of the event, as well as the specific services that you desire.

Here are our general guidelines for pricing using our drone services for your event.  For a more detailed quote, please click on the request a quote button:

Hourly rate: Typically ranges from $150 to $300 per hour
Day rate: Typically ranges from $800 to $1500 per day.

Your project may not necessarily require an hour, we will work with you providing an affordable package to suit your needs.

* Editing and post-production revision: If you request revision to the editing services provided with the final product,  this may also increase the overall cost.

Image by William Bayreuther
Image by Thomas Griesbeck
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